With Cassie’s help, I increased my credit score from 620 to over 800 in only a handful of months. Talk about miracle work! SO so so grateful for her support – I couldn’t have done it without her!


Jordana JaffeJordana

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I had a rough beginning to 2015 financially – to the point that I almost had to file bankruptcy. As you can imagine, it took a hard hit on my credit.  From working with Cassie, my credit score has gone up 140 points in only 4 months!  The investment was invaluable to what this has done for my personal life — home ownership, here I come! 


Gena Shingle

THANK YOU for your help and most importantly, for your support and empathy. If you ever--any time between now and the end of time--need someone as a reference for your services, please make sure you contact me.


*This isn't actually from Marge. I don't even know if Simpsons have credit scores...but this client left me this love note before heading into surgery.*