The Total Amount of Credit Scores You Have

By Cassie | Feb 23, 2017

Most people think they have just one credit score, and that all lenders use this single score to measure your creditworthiness. But not only do you have over 30 credit scores, a quick web search will also reveal seemingly endless ways to obtain them — all offered to you with costs ranging from free to…

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Paying On Time and One Extra Step for the Highest Credit Score

By Cassie | Jul 27, 2016

I’ve been deep in the writing rabbit hole the past couple weeks. I wrote an article for the Daily Worth about failure that’s currently under edits.  And not just hypothetical failure, but my own failure. I’ll keep you posted when it’s published. I hope it helps put some prospective and maybe some salve on any failures you’ve…

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Dating Someone When Your Credit Is Bad

By Cassie | Jul 14, 2016

This is a two part series. Look for next month’s How To Date Someone When THEIR Credit is Bad   When YOUR credit is less than stellar and you’re dating someone who has their financial house in order, it doesn’t come into play until you realize things might be getting serious and your finances might…

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Credit Confessions: Trapped in Too Much House

By Cassie | Jun 21, 2016

Credit Confessions: There is always a catalyst for that brings someone to want to do credit repair. Most people decide to do credit repair because they want to get into a house, but recently I have a client (and friend) who has kids heading off to college soon and wants to down size.     Her…

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John Oliver Takes On The Debt Buyers

By Cassie | Jun 7, 2016

John Oliver from Last Week Tonight on HBO had a segment the other night that made me want to go all Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch. If you’ve ever wondered how credit repair works, and even if it’s legal, or just sensed that there is something sleazy about the debt collection industry, this clip is…

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The All Cash Method and Your Credit Score

By Cassie | Mar 9, 2016

The All Cash Method and Your Credit Score I’ve had a few friends go down the Dave Ramsey path of cutting up their credit cards and paying off their debt, and while paying off the debt part is great, some of them have had some uncomfortable moments when their circumstances change. I’ve got three stories…

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A New Repayment Program Could Make Dealing With Your Student Loan Debt a Whole Lot Easier

By Cassie | Nov 3, 2015

If you’re not one of the millions of people in America dealing with crippling student loan debt, this article is not for you. If student loan debt is overwhelming and feels like it’s ruining your life, keep reading. The US Department of Education just announced a new program that starts in December 2015 that allows…

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Happy Birthday!

By Cassie | Oct 12, 2015

It’s our birthday! WGC officially launched today! What is WGC? First and foremost, WGC is a finance education company on a mission to help people thrive. If you’ve got some trouble in the credit department and want to feel free again, we’ve got two solutions for you. The first one is our custom, we do…

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Who Were You Before You Gave Up On Your Dreams

By Cassie | Sep 30, 2015

Bad credit is something that can make you feel like you’ll never have the life you want. Sometimes it seems like it doesn’t matter…until it does. Until there is an apartment you want but don’t think you will qualify for. Or a house that you could almost have if your score was just 30 points higher.…

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