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Credit Repair

 Your credit is not a seven year life sentence. It can legally be cleaned and repaired. You don’t have to wait for negative marks to fall off.

Your future, your kids, your kid’s future don’t have to suffer because you made mistakes in the past. Especially if you learned from them and you’re ready to move on.

If your credit were better, how could your life be better? Your credit score touches every part of your life these days, even if you don’t have credit cards.

Have you ever had a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you went to rent a car because you don’t have a credit card? Or maybe you’re worried about being able to rent a new place. Or maybe you want to buy a house, but your mortgage broker told you to wait a few months…or years. Maybe you’re postponing marriage or hiding a secret that feels shameful from your love. Maybe you can’t start the business that would give you more flexibility and freedom.

Maybe you’re thinking about bankruptcy, or recovering from bankruptcy.

The truth is, good credit makes life sail smoothly, and bad credit makes things hard. Good credit is the difference between the best rates on your insurance, from car to renters to homeowners, to paying double or triple for your premiums. Good credit can be the difference between a home in a so-so school district to a home in a great school district. Good credit can be the difference between renting for the rest of your life and buying a house that can be an appreciating asset. Good credit and the ability to use credit effectively is the difference between making the same money that you make now, but being able to get everything from hotel room upgrades to free airline tickets, depending on the card.

Repairing your credit is a smart investment for your future. 

How Do We Do It and Is It Legal?


Lucky for all of us, there are laws in the U.S. that credit bureaus must follow to report something on your credit report. We use everything from the nice “hey, I’ve been a good customer, please remove these marks” to the “prove this debt actually exists”.

We use the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and a few other debt specific statues to remove negative and derogatory remarks, all within the letter of the law. Our team has been doing this for 13 years and we know what works and what doesn’t.

Oddly enough, the worse your credit is, the more we can make it jump. It’s much more difficult to move from a 650 to an 800 than it is to move from a 500 to a 650.

Possibly one of the best parts of working with us that we can make all the awful robo calls stop. You’ll feel a huge relief when you look down at your phone and it’s not a random number calling you and leaving you a message about “an important business matter”.

When you’re ready to invest in your future, we are here to help.

Here’s How We Are Different


If you’ve looked at other credit repair options before, you might have closed their website and felt like you needed to take a shower. Or maybe you paid them some of your hard earned money, and they charged for months on end and you didn’t see any improvement in your score. Maybe you’ve heard that some of them send weird letters with bad grammar and punctuation (or lack of) to make your letters look “real” and you don’t want to be a part of that.

Maybe you’ve researched credit repair companies and have seen that they charge subscription pricing and you don’t want to get tangled up in endless payments for some thing that doesn’t deliver.

We saw all of these things in the credit repair industry. In 2005 after a broken back, a job contract that ended early, and a break up with a boyfriend, Cassie tried to get her credit repaired by one of the biggest names in the country, and nothing happened to her score. She found out what worked, and wanted other people to have the same experience she did. That’s why she started WGC.

How We Stand By Our Work

If you’re not happy with our work, let us know and we will refund your money. This rarely happens, but sometimes we aren’t the best fit for you. You will already be in touch with us via email if we are working with you, so you can just let us know there and we will give your money back. Just like that.

How to Pull Your Credit Reports

When you’re ready to take back your power from the endless cycles of debt, the pits in your stomach, the endless phone calls, take the first step. Sometimes, it’s the hardest one. Take a deep breath, pull your report and just take a look a what is. It doesn’t mean anything about you. You aren’t a bad person. It’s doesn’t have anything to do with your future.

You can go to Annual Credit Report to get your credit reports once a year from all three bureaus for free. This site is not very user friendly and sometimes the challenge questions can be difficult. By all means, start here, but if you can’t pass the challenge questions, you might have to start over and get different questions.

If you are working with us to repair your credit, we have you use Privacy Guard. Privacy Guard is $1 trial for the first 14 days, and then $20 a month. Most of our clients need this service 4-6 months while we work on your file. For some reason, this site is much easier. You only have to pass one set of challenge questions and it’s much more user friendly. Privacy Guard also “talks” with the software that is the back end of our business, and it makes importing your scores happen in a matter of seconds, rather than minutes.

If you’re wondering why your scores are all different, I wrote about on the Daily Worth.







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